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A Legacy of Liberation and Lifestyle

Founded in 1975 by Henk de Vries in the heart of Amsterdam, its roots deeply embedded in the ethos of liberation and the creation of a "living room atmosphere," The Bulldog has grown from a pioneering coffeeshop to a global icon, representing the essence of Amsterdam's vibrant culture around the world.

The Bulldog's Vision: More Than Just a Name

Their uniqueness stems from Henk de Vries's vision of crafting a space that embodies a laid-back, inclusive vibe and quality recognisable products. This mission has remained unchanged for nearly five decades, guiding them as it evolved into a symbol of freedom and innovation. Today, The Bulldog's bars and coffeeshops are not just beloved by locals but are a magnet for tourists and celebrities alike, drawn by the brand’s renowned open and welcoming atmosphere.

Expanding Horizons: The Bulldog Goes Global

The Bulldog's spirit of innovation didn’t stop at coffeeshops. The brand has taken its distinctive vibe to international shores, opening locations worldwide and launching a highly successful line of branded accessories and 420 gear. Products like their Original Silver Grinder 40mm – 3 parts and their Original Blue Glass Ashtray combine functionality with the cool, recognisable aesthetic that The Bulldog is known for.

Discover The Bulldog Today

Experience the legacy of Henk de Vries's vision—a testament to freedom, innovation, and community. Whether you're a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, The Bulldog welcomes you to be part of its continuing story of breaking boundaries and great products.

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